14 Ways to make sure Company Growth Doesn’t Outstrip Business Communication

Posted On June 25, 2020

Some businesses have seen a period of massive growth lately, especially people who deal solely with online sales and services. While this development is promising, it also exposes a business to a different problem — that of getting their growth outscale their ability to speak.

Business communication deals with how the corporate interacts with and informs its employees and its clients, which incorporates the general branding promise. Naturally, a little company is probably going to possess a special approach to a bigger one, just because of the size of the communication involved.

However, as businesses grow in size, many of their focus areas and key elements that helped them get to where they today tend to fall and obtain lost within the mix. Unfortunately, this happens to an excellent majority of companies and makes, and it just doesn’t need to be this manner.

Recommendations and Tips in on the way to Ensure

14 Ways to make sure Company Growth

Your Company Growth Doesn’t Outstrip Business Communications and Engagement

1. Be receptive Feedback and alter

Maintaining effective communication through growth are some things that are hard to induce right. In my experience, the trick here isn’t some grand multi-step strategy. You’ll never get that right — a minimum of I don’t. The trick is to be able and willing to pay attention to. When you’re receptive to feedback, your team will inform you once they lack context. I see my job as listening and adapting.


2. How to Create Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are often a one-page document that helps the entire team understand what’s on or off brand. Having the rules written down helps if they have to be changed alsowhich may happen if there are changes to the business that requires to be reflected back within the core brand guidelines (example: acquisition of another company with a special brand positioning).


3. Replicate Your Voice

In a perfect world, you’ll just hire employees who “care” the maximum amount as you are doing about staying on brand. actually , it’s next to impossible to seek out those employees, and it takes tons of your time to properly train them. As such, the subsequent neatest thing is to “replicate your voice.” you’ll do that through company documents, training materials, videos, websites, social media, and even a message to callers who are on hold!


4. Build a Strategic Communications Plan

Create brand guidelines that outline the tone, style, etc., and make the rules available to your communications team(s). Build out a strategic communications plan that maps the varied outreaches, both internal and external, which will be needed as a part of the business’s growth. Make it clear who is liable for each communication and who signs off on its compliance with brand standards.


5. Leverage Automated Tools

Make sure you’ve got automation tools and systems in situ . This way, the brand can scale without heavy manual oversight, and artistic roadmaps can receive the right attention they deserve.


6. Audit Communication Channels

The larger your organization is, the more detailed of a process that will be got to be laid call in order to make sure continuity and proper messaging. sort of a game of telephone, conduct an audit to know where gaps in communication could also be occurring and be prepared to revise your process.


7. Create a sequence of Accountability

As your business grows, it’s critical that everybody stays on an equivalent page. once you add new departments or see massive growth in one among your teams, assign leaders to stay each group accountable. This chain of accountability ensures that everyone’s on an equivalent page.


8. Have Daily Meetings

For rapid and sustainable growth, you want to have daily meetings to form sure your communications are on-brand. Nothing goes out without several sets of eyes thereon and people performing on these communications are held in charge of performance and delivery. We sign up multiple times per day — it doesn’t get to belong, but a morning and afternoon signs-of-life check does wonder…


9. Maintain Personal Connections

Because most of my employees work off-site, it’s important to speak as often as we will with each other which they feel supported by me. We hold a quarterly all-hands staff meeting where we enter more detail and make sure that everyone gets to understand each other. With a rapidly growing business, unless we’ve regular get-togethers with our team, people start to lose that private connection.


10. Create a Schedule

Like everything else, communication must be planned to be effective. this suggests investing within the right tools, creating fixed weekly meetings, quarterly appraisals, one-on-ones, and more. Use calendars and make reminders for these meetings in order that they beat place and clearly communicated. It’s just a matter of designing “up” as your business grows.


11. Establish one Tool

The means of communication are getting endless, from Slack to email to phone or IM, so it’s no surprise that interoffice communication becomes a drag the larger a team becomes. Put a process in situ that streamlines communication on certain topics into one single location and on one identified platform. This way, everyone knows where to travel to remain up so far.


12. Take a Step Back

Sometimes you only got to take a step back from all the craziness that comes with the day-to-day management of a business and ask yourself, “Is this on brand?” If you still ask the question and be faithful to your core values, communications will remain on point.


13. Train and Delegate

As your business grows, it’s not realistic to think that you simply can maintain an equivalent level of interpersonal communication as before. the subsequent best step is to coach key people in your business to speak on your behalf. Lead by example and also create documentation that outlines what to debatethis may keep things consistent across the organization.


14. Hire a Content Marketing Agency

When you got to scale communication both internally and externally, it’s helpful to rent some help. A content marketing agency can assist you with everything, from your company blog to bylined content, to internal communications and speeches from executives, and may make sure that everything is consistent and on-brand.


Business Success

How to specialize in Growth and Business Communications

For most businesses and makes, it’s all about rock bottom line and trying to succeed in new goals and levels quarterly. However, the last item you would like to try to do is hit your goals while jeopardizing your customer and B2B relationships that you’ve worked so hard for.


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