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7 Best Keyword Research Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Looking for keyword ideas for your next blog content?

Want to analyze information like search volume, CPC, and related keywords?

What if I told you, you can do it without a premium keyword research platform?

I’m talking about browser extensions you can use while you browse the web. 

Let me tell you more about them.

How keyword research browser extensions work?

A browser extension is basically an add-on with complete feature sets into browsers that support them. Keyword research browser extensions, in particular, scrapes keyword data from pages like search engine results, YouTube, and Amazon. 

Here’s a simpler way to describe browser extensions:

If your web browser is a smartphone, then browser extensions are the apps. 

Don’t get me wrong. 

You should still get an advanced tool like Semrush if you want top-tier features, like backlink analysis and competitor research. That much is true if you want to do SEO in a competitive niche.

But if your goal is to look for keywords, be it for ads, SEO, or eCommerce, browser extensions definitely work.

Without further ado, here are the browser extensions that will simplify keyword research for bloggers:

1. Keywords Everywhere

Best for bloggers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs for finding lucrative keywords on various platforms.

Price: Starts at $10 for 100,000 credits

Keywords Everywhere allows you to obtain useful keyword data from, well, everywhere. 

Once activated, the extension automatically presents you with keyword data in a non-intrusive manner. It works not just on Google Search, but also on several other platforms with built-in search engines.

Top Keywords Everywhere Features

  • Related keywords and similar queries – Keywords Everywhere can provide you with long-tail keyword ideas based on your search. This feature triggers automatically, allowing you to save a ton of time on expanding your keyword pool.
  • Historical search volume and trend data – You can use the trend data chart to identify seasonal keywords, fads, and (soon to be) popular ideas. Doing so lets you plan the best times to optimize for specific keywords and maximize your traffic gains.
  • In-depth keyword metrics on demand – Using a credit unlocks keyword metrics like search volume, CPC, and competitiveness. Instantly export a CSV report to save keyword ideas for later.
  • Scan page keywords – Keywords Everywhere lets you check any web page’s top 5,000 keywords. Use this feature on competitors to figure out the keywords you should be targeting.

Keywords Everywhere Pros

  • Great features that can match fully-equipped keyword research tools.
  • Get keyword data from several platforms like Google Search, YouTube, Amazon, Google Trends, eBay, Etsy, and AnswerThePublic.
  • You only need to install and activate the extension once – it’ll automatically work for all supported platforms.
  • Use your credits only on keywords you want to analyze. 

Keywords Everywhere Cons

  • You need to buy credits to access important keyword metrics. 
  • Slight friction during installation due to API key requirement.

2. Keyword Surfer

Easily measure keyword search volume and CPC without spending a single cent. 

Price: Free

If you’re only looking for a free keyword research browser extension, get Keyword Surfer.

It is a lightweight extension that reliably measures a keyword’s average search volume and CPC. You can also use it to analyze the traffic distribution across the top search engine results.

Top Keyword Surfer Features

  • Find similar keyword ideas – Whenever you search on Google, Keyword Surfer instantly shows you keyword ideas along with their metrics. This can help you build a solid list of target keywords to help your blog posts rank. 
  • Identify who gets the most clicks – Keyword Surfer can help you identify which of the top search results get the most traffic. By inspecting the most-clicked results, you can get pointers on how to optimize your content for optimal click-throughs.
  • Seamless keyword list building – Quickly build your keyword list with one click – thanks to Keyword Surfer’s user-friendly interface. Saved keywords are automatically added to your clipboard so you can compile them in a CSV file. 
  • See useful website metrics – Keyword Surfer gives you a quick view of the top pages’ SEO strategy. It unveils information like their estimated total domain traffic, exact keyword usage, and word count. 

Keyword Surfer Pros

  • 100% free keyword research browser extension.
  • The correlation chart is an extremely powerful tool for boosting your click-throughs for more organic traffic.
  • Outperform competitors by analyzing their page’s exact keyword usage and content length. 
  • Works instantly – no need to plug in an API key or create an account. 

Keyword Surfer Cons

  • Doesn’t measure keyword difficulty. 
  • Keyword ideas start with broad and high competition suggestions.
  • Only Works on Google Chrome.

3. Whatsmyserp

Effortlessly get lucrative long-tail keyword ideas while you search the web. 

Price: Free

Whatsmyserp is another free browser extension that uncovers keyword data as you search on Google. 

Just like Keyword Surfer, you only need to install Whatsmyserp on Google Chrome. In addition to basic keyword metrics, the tool also presents you with nice long-tail keyword ideas based on your query.

Top Whatsmyserp Features

  • Find great long-tail keyword ideas – Whatsmyserp’s “Related keywords” panel contains a lot of great long-tail keyword suggestions. They are less competitive, target a narrower audience, and much easier to rank for than broader keywords.
  • One-click keyword list export – You can export Whatsmyserp’s keyword suggestions in one click. The tool automatically builds a CSV report you can use to keep your keyword ideas for later. 
  • Get CPC values for all keyword suggestions – Whatsmyserp makes it easy to pick profitable keywords from their suggestions by displaying their average CPC. This is incredibly helpful for finding keywords that will lead to conversions down the line.

Whatsmyserp Pros

  • 100% free keyword research browser extension.
  • Keyword suggestions are among the best out of all the extensions I’ve tested.
  • Quickly expand your list by clicking on a keyword suggestion to generate even more suggestions. 

Whatsmyserp Cons

  • Not nearly as many features as other keyword research browser extensions.
  • Only works on Google Chrome.

4. SeoStack Keyword Tool

Useful for bloggers who need keyword ideas for Google Search, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and various other platforms.

Price: Free

SeoStack Keyword Tool is available as a free, downloadable keyword research tool for Windows. If you use macOS, you can download the free Chrome extension instead.

The tool works by generating long-tail keyword ideas for Google, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Bing, and a number of other platforms. You may even use multiple seed keywords at once to save time.

Top SeoStack Keyword Tool Features

  • Modifier filters – SeoStack Keyword Tool lets you use modifiers to find specific types of keywords. Some search modifiers you can use are questions and prepositions.
  • Check keywords from multiple databases – SeoStack Keyword Tool utilizes keyword data from an impressive list of databases. The platforms included are Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and DuckDuckGo. 
  • Downloadable version – If you want, you can launch SeoStack Keyword Tool straight from your desktop through the downloadable version. This has way more features, including the keyword competitiveness metric, search volume, and CPC. 

SeoStack Keyword Tool Pros

  • 100% free to use.
  • Use several seed keywords to find long-tail keyword suggestions at once. 
  • Diverse databases can help bloggers who leverage different marketing and content distribution channels.
  • Easily switch to a different country, language, or both.
  • Downloadable version.

SeoStack Keyword Tool Cons

  • Chrome extension version doesn’t include important keyword metrics like keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC. 
  • Only works on Google Chrome.
  • If you use the Chrome extension, clicking the ‘Get Volume+CPC data’ only takes you to the Google Keyword Planner. 

5. SEMSTORM: Keywords

In the right hands, a surprisingly powerful keyword research browser extension for finding long-tail keywords. 

Price: Free or $27 per month for advanced features

SEMSTORM Keywords caught me by surprise the first time I used it. 

After installing the extension, SEMSTORM Keywords started generating long-tail keyword ideas based on Google Search keywords. What caught my attention, however, is the ‘Full report’ link which showed me a comprehensive list of keyword suggestions. 

There are designated keyword groups for regular keywords, question-based keywords, video keywords, and so on. 

Top SEMSTORM: Keywords Features

  • Look for keywords to fuel your content ideas – The SEMSTORM Keywords extension has a dedicated panel for keyword suggestions that can be refined into blog post topics. This makes it significantly easier to turn long-tail keywords into content ideas that your target audience will read.  
  • Organized keyword lists – The full report page reminds me of AnswerThePublic, which is a standalone tool I use for finding question-based keywords. SEMSTORM Keywords organizes keyword lists into well-defined groups, making it easy to find the exact keywords you need.
  • Keywords storage overlay button – After adding keyword ideas to your list, click on the ‘Keywords storage’ button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You’ll find all your saved keywords here even if you navigate away from Google Search. 
  • Premium features – If the free browser extension isn’t enough, you can purchase a paid SEMSTORM plan for advanced features. This includes mobile tracking, Google Ads integration, content optimization tools, and competitor analysis. 

SEMSTORM: Keywords Pros

  • Get a massive collection of keyword ideas from various categories. 
  • Discover the intent behind keywords to optimize your content accordingly. 
  • Save your keyword ideas on the go with the Keywords Storage tool. 
  • Discover advanced keyword groups like hashtags and preposition-based keywords. 

SEMSTORM: Keywords Cons

  • The free extension doesn’t collect keyword metrics, namely search volume, PPC, and keyword difficulty. 
  • Setting up the app can be confusing.
  • Only works on Google Chrome and Brave.
  • The interface is clunky in some areas. 

6. Clever Ads Keyword Planner

Find profitable keywords to help you advertise your website to the right audience.

Price: Free

Looking for PPC keywords to help advertise your blog?

Clever Ads Keyword Planner is a straightforward Chrome extension that suggests keywords you should be targeting in your ad campaigns. You can also use it on your competitor’s website to spy on their paid keywords. 

Top Clever Ads Keyword Planner Features

  • Straightforward extension interface – Upon installation, you just head to any website and click ‘Scan this page’ from the extension. You can’t get any simpler than that in keyword research. 
  • Get up-to-date search volume and CPC data – Clever Ads also includes the average CPC and monthly search volume for each keyword suggestion. Use it to make an informed decision or export your list to compare the numbers later.
  • Find low competition keywords using the main platform – Heading to the Clever Ads main site allows you to measure the competitiveness of keyword ideas. You can use advanced filters to find suggestions that match preferences in terms of volume, CPC, competition, and included words.

Clever Ads Keyword Planner Pros

  • 100% free to use.
  • Check out your competitor’s top paid keywords with one click.
  • You can use keyword suggestions to generate content ideas that have demand.
  • No need to create an account.

Clever Ads Keyword Planner Cons

  • Cannot be used to get organic keyword data. 
  • Only works on Google Chrome.

7. SellerApp

Perform in-depth keyword research on Amazon marketplaces for affiliate marketers and eCommerce businesses.

Price: Free or $99 per month

SellerApp is an all-in-one platform designed to help Amazon businesses grow their marketing, sales, and operations.

They offer a free keyword research Chrome extension that can be used to find potential keyword ideas. You can also use their main browser extension for features like the profit calculator, keyword tracking, and product research. 

But in order to get important metrics like search volume and CPC, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Top SellerApp Features

  • Research profitable keywords and products on Amazon – The free extension reveals metrics like the average daily sales, opportunity score, and average price of keyword-related products. This can help you find profitable product ideas to sell as an affiliate.
  • Generate hundreds of keywords for different Amazon marketplaces – SellerApp’s free Amazon keyword research tool can come up with hundreds of long-tail keyword suggestions in seconds. Use it to discover new keyword opportunities to bring traffic to your website and more clicks to your affiliate products.
  • Advanced research tools for Amazon businesses – If you sell products on Amazon, SellerApp’s advanced product research and competitive analysis tools can level up your business. You can keep track of pricing changes, set up customizable competitor alerts, retrieve product insights, and many more.

SellerApp Pros

  • Use keyword data to find profitable affiliate products to sell.
  • Comprehensive suite of tools for bloggers who take their business to Amazon.
  • Check out trends in various industries to identify new opportunities.

SellarApp Cons

  • Doesn’t check keyword data for Google Search.
  • Only useful if you’re an Amazon Associate or eCommerce business.
  • Steep pricing.


SEO browser extensions have grown more and more powerful over the years. 

Remember that browser extensions are not intended as replacements for full-on keyword research solutions. But if your priority is to look for great keyword ideas, they’re more than enough when used properly.

Didn’t see a keyword research browser extension you like? Do you have any questions regarding what you just read?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below! 

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