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Here Are 5 Ways to Make Money With Cargo Vans

If you own a cargo van, you’re in luck. You can actually use your vehicle to make some cash, either as a full-fledged business or a side hustle. If you want to put yours to work, here are five ways to make money with cargo vans.

1. Moving Assistance

When most people move, they have to either rent a vehicle that’s large enough to carry their items or hire a moving company. This can actually be a money-making opportunity for anyone with a cargo van, as the vehicle can hold most big furniture items, a ton of boxes, kitchen appliances, and more.

If you offer moving assistance, you need to decide if you’re simply a driver or if you’ll also help with loading and unloading. That way, you can price your service appropriately.

2. Furniture or Appliance Delivery

Similar to moving assistance, many people don’t have a vehicle that can carry furniture items or large appliances. You could offer your cargo van to those making purchases, charging them a fee to drive their new stuff to its destination.

At times, you may even be able to partner with smaller furniture or appliance stores that don’t have their own delivery team. With that, you may be able to work as a contractor or as an employee, depending on the arrangement.

3. Rent It Out

If the idea of personally driving someone’s property around doesn’t seem ideal, you could go another route. By renting out your cargo van, you’re creating a source of semi-passive income. Aside from maintaining your vehicle between rentals, handing over and picking up the keys, and dealing with some paperwork, you don’t have to do anything else to earn money from your cargo van.

Sites like Getaround can be a way to find renters. Plus, the company can provide you with some protections, like suitable insurance.

4. Dump Hauls

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you could charge people to handle large dump runs for them. You’d collect everything the person wants to dispose of and take it to the nearest processing center.

Make sure that, if you go this route, that you account for dump fees when setting your prices. At times, this can be a little tricky, as fees can be based on the weight of what’s getting thrown out. However, you can use area junk removal prices set by competitors as a guide or look at your nearest center’s price tables to create your own estimates.

5. Mobile Service Provider

With a few modifications, you might be able to turn your cargo van into a mobile service location. For example, some people operate mobile massage, pet grooming, catering, florist, and other kinds of services out of a van.

Whether this approach may work for you depends on your existing skillset. However, it could be worth exploring if what you have to offer could be handled out of a van.

Can you think of any other ways someone could make money with cargo vans? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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