High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Review. Does it Work?

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Review. Does it Work?

Posted On August 5, 2020

The answer is yes. If you put to use Joshua Elder’s training within High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator (HTAA), you can get results. But I don’t say this as someone who is recommending this program to you.

I’m actually saying this as a successful affiliate marketer who didn’t get HTAA but knows what works in this business and has seen what’s inside High Ticket Accelerator to understand:

  • Why it works.
  • Why it may actually be a “bit” overpriced (which is why I don’t recommend it).
  • And why another alternative (the one that made me a successful affiliate) might be a better option for you (certainly on your wallet).

This review of High Ticket Accelerator is going to cover everything you need to know about the program before you get it, and it will also give you good alternative options for also getting into and becoming a successful affiliate marketer. So let’s get started:

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator summary:

Creator: Joshua Elder.

Price: $1,497 plus other optional upsells within members area such as Clickfunnels and other programs.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars

Recommended? Not really. The price of HTAA is ultimately why I don’t recommend it.

I know this material Josh teaches from other and arguably better alternatives that have personally helped me and countless others become successful affiliate marketers and here is the best option hands down:


What is High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator?

It is a comprehensive program on becoming a successful affiliate marketer via selling high ticket products. You also learn how to find niche audiences from 3 different categories:

  • Broad niches.
  • Targeted niches.
  • Micro niches.

After picking a niche audience to target, you find a high ticket product to promote to this audience by finding them on these places:

  • YouTube (And YouTube Ads)
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Google.
  • And other places.

You learn to set up videos, online ads and sites that steer the niche audience you chose to it, and then collect an email list from them to later sell that high ticket item/s. The good thing about HTAA is that you do learn how to utilize Joshua’s formula for multiple niches and even get a list of 2,000 niches to work with.

Tutorials are provided on all aspects of these things including:

  • How to find the niche.
  • How to find the high ticket offer for the niche.
  • How to create the sales funnel.
  • How to generate the traffic through to the sales funnel.

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