Honest Riches – How to Make Money Online

Honest riches describes how to make money online, by showing how one woman made over $12,000 every month starting with nothing!

This book is full of honest valuable information, totally without the fluff that fills up so many other eBooks out there; just a masterpiece in internet marketing that will make you amazed that you never thought of doing this yourself. That is the yardstick of so many great ideas: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

You should read this book from cover to cover, without doing anything at all except read it and digesting what you can during the first reading. Then start reading it again, but this time start doing what she asks you to do. Follow each chapter exactly, and there is no reason why you too shouldn’t be able to do as she is doing. It is important that you don’t do what most failures do, or you too will fail.

Over 95% of starters in internet business fail because either they do not focus on one thing at a time and become overloaded with information, or try to cut corners when they follow a proven system. Taking the first, once you start on Honest Riches, don’t get sidetracked with any other good-looking online program. You must expend all your efforts on Honest Riches, and once you have mastered that and your online business is operating on autopilot, then you can think of trying something else.

Regarding the second, you have to follow Holly’s instructions precisely, since if you think you know a better way or a quicker way, then you will likely fail. The difference between success and failure online could be as small as one word in the heading of a sales letter! So do exactly as you are told! If you do, and you still fail to make money, then give up. Internet marketing is not for anybody that cannot make Honest Riches work.

Holly’s book naturally starts at the beginning, and explains the importance of getting the basics right. A solid foundation is essential for any business, and that also applies to an online business run from home. You then find out about affiliate marketing, and how money can be made by selling products belonging to other people for a commission on each sale. You are shown how to choose the right program, and the difference between private affiliate agreements, and those offered by affiliate networks.

Honest Riches places a great deal of emphasis on keyword research, although there are cheaper tools that a beginner can use than the Wordtracker that Holly seems devoted to. Holly also explains the best way to find the right niches; those where the money is – and also how to make money without needing a website by using forums and social networking. However, you will need your own website to make the REAL money that this eBook is going to bring your way. In any case, forums are fine, but don’t too much advertising on them.

The succeeding chapters describe how to get your own website designed and up and running, devoting eighteen pages to this topic. You even get a free Joomla site or WordPress blog if you have them hosted through Holly. These can be used very effectively to make money in place of a regular website.

One of the most attractive features of Honest Riches is the list of free Open Source software that you can use and so save yourself a whole load of money. You can get free software applications, templates and a whole host of tools to let you run a business practically 100% free. In fact, if you use Holly’s advice correctly you could get your site or blog running with moneymaking affiliate programs without spending a cent. So don’t think you need a big investment to get started with affiliate marketing.

Incidentally, once you have your own product, you can use affiliates to sell your product: an affiliate product and joint ventures are the way that the big dogs on the internet make the big money that they do. Once you are into that, then you are on your way to success big time.

The later chapters cover how to get free advertising from search engines, and how to optimize your website. Holly is expert at optimizing websites to get them listed on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and if you follow her instructions, again exactly, then you can do the same. The marketing of your site is also extremely important, and Honest Riches provides loads of information on marketing and advertising, with a view to driving loads of visitors to your website.

All in all, Honest Riches is a masterclass in internet marketing, written by a young woman who started off with nothing but a young child in her arms and making $700 a month. OK, there are some areas where she could be taken to task depending on your viewpoint, such as her sections on forums and eBay where she encourages readers to take actions that are less than ethical, but on the whole this is a fabulous book, not only for beginners to online marketing, but also for the experts. They too will learn something from this.

Honest Riches will make you rich too if you follow it exactly and choose the right niche. Holly makes niche choosing easy for you, but it is the principles of what she teaches that are important, not individual examples. You can apply this information time and time again to niche after niche, each time building another stream of income.

Honest Riches? Five out of five, so buy it before you are left behind.

Source by Pat Johnson

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