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How a Company Used a Cat to Generate $9 Million and Save Their Business | by Ash Jurberg | May, 2021

The left-discipline answer that staved off personal bankruptcy

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When you imagine of progressive organizations, I bet that railway corporations really do not spring to mind.

Generally the area of govt, educate lines are not the sexiest enterprise solution. But business enterprise classes lie everywhere, and a single Japanese railway corporation showed a very little creativeness could save a organization.

It is the tale of how a cat saved a having difficulties corporation. And delivers a lesson for any organization leaders or house owners.

The Wakayama railway line is only 14 kilometers prolonged, incorporating just fourteen stations in Wakayama Prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshu.

By 2006 they ended up shedding 500 million yen ($4.7 million US) a year as travellers deserted the Kishigawa line in western Japan. In a ultimate bid to help you save the organization in 2006, the owner of the railway line, Wakayama Electric powered Railway, laid off all of the staff performing at each individual station, leaving the stations unmanned in a bid to save expenses.

Whilst this decreased charges, they however required to do additional to save the corporation and the railway line — they required to make dollars.

They wanted to pull a proverbial cat out of the bag.

Tama the StationMaster. Resource WikiCommons

With no personnel to guy each and every of the stations along the line, Wakayama decided to faucet into the local community. They requested for volunteers from local firms situated in the vicinity of the station in each and every city to share stationmaster duties. At the remaining prevent of the line — Kishi station, Toshiko Koyama was appointed the station grasp.

Kishi experienced a lot of stray cats that loitered all around the station, and Koyama adopted a single of these cats, which he named Tama. Tama would accompany Koyama to greet passengers, and sensing a PR possibility, in January 2007, Wakayama decided to appoint Tama as the formal station grasp of Kishi station.

They furnished Tama with a station master’s black hat and permitted buyers to pose for pics with her. She proved popular with locals making use of the train line and speedily grew to become a drawcard for travelers who arrived to the station specially to fulfill Tama. By March, passenger figures experienced previously improved by 10%.

Wakayama understood they experienced additional income chances they could leverage off their popular feline. They unveiled a wide selection of Tama items, keyrings, badges, apparel, and candy. There was even a ebook named: “Diary of Tama, the Station Master.”

In 2010 Wakayama contracted award-winning industrial designer Eiji Mitooka — who was famous for his layout of Japanese bullet trains — to absolutely redesign the prepare as a Tama-themed line. Both of those the inside and the exterior of the new Tamaden train ended up cat-themed.

They also questioned Mitooka to redesign the Kinsi station to look like a cat’s facial area. It was a whole cat encounter when trains arrived at the station, Tama’s purrs were being performed more than the PA technique.

As Tama’s fame grew, it is believed that she contributed an approximated 1.1 billion yen (USD 8.9m) to the nearby economic system. Tama’s celeb position was the main purpose the organization avoided economic wreck.

So grateful was the organization to Tama that she truly rose to the third highest-ranked government at Wakayama Electric Rail and in 2013 was named Honorary President of Wakayama Electric Rail for lifetime.

“The Tamaden actually has come to be extremely well-known with people of all ages. We see plenty of youngsters and households and older persons bringing their grandchildren. But also folks into trains, partners and loads of abroad tourists occur to ride the trains and see the stationmasters.” Keiko Yamaki, an government for Wakayama Electric powered Railway.

The Tama Educate. Resource: Twitter

Tama is not the only cat that has rescued a Japanese organization. In fact, there is a phrase for it — Nekonomics, which refers to the favourable financial influence of obtaining a cat mascot.

Japan is dwelling to several cat-themed creations that reign supreme in manga, cosplay, and all styles of corporations. Cat possession has boomed owing to one-particular person households as perfectly as lockdowns throughout quarantines. There are an approximated 9.9 million cats in Japan, primary to cat festivals and cat tourism. Anybody who has frequented Japan will attest to the variety of cat cafes that look to seem on each street corner as very well as the incredible acceptance of Hi there Kitty.

There is even a Cat Island where travelers come to see the town’s cats — which outnumber people 100 to 1 on the island. In all, the cat business in Japan is reported to be worth 2.3 trillion yen a year.

Other teach providers have followed the direct of Wakayama. Many stations across Japan utilize cats at station masters. Miyauchi station tried out to be a very little diverse and utilized a rabbit, and there are also canine, monkeys, and goats serving in these roles.

Tama died in June 2015 at the age of 16.

Wakayama enterprise officials and over 3000 supporters turned out for Tama’s funeral, where she was elevated to the status of a goddess.

Kinsi station was protected with bouquets of flowers, items, and fairly properly cans of tuna.

There was a standard fifty-day period of time of mourning prior to her deputy was appointed as her successor. Nitama — which usually means Second Tama — first formal duty was to take a look at the shrine of Tama and spend her respects.

In February 2016, Tama became the first inductee into the Wakayama Corridor of Fame, and a bronze relief plaque was put on screen in the Wakayama Prefectural Library.

There is also a Tama 3 and Tama 4 who share the station grasp obligations at other stations alongside the line. All the cats have their individual social media accounts and are vacationer beacons.

It was a left-subject idea that saved Wakayama Electrical Railway. Naturally, not every having difficulties enterprise can carry in a cat mascot. But any business can obtain some one of a kind point of difference that can generate some publicity or unique advertising point.

Area local community

Wakayama tapped into what resonated with their community. There is a appreciate for cats, and the locals helped opt for the station learn for their prepare station. This gave them some ‘ownership’ of the initiative.

Expand your sector

A modest coach line in a mostly rural and desolated spot of Japan had a tiny market. By building intensive PR and turning the educate line into a vacationer attraction, they exponentially elevated their industry measurement. They could concentrate on the total of Japan relatively than area people only.

Just before COVID, even worldwide travelers would stop by Kinsi to see the cat workforce. The cat practically put Kinsi on the vacationer map.

Give your brand a individuality

Train traces aren’t the most popular brand name.

Wakayama created famous people and gave a ‘face’ to their model. Each and every of the cats has social media accounts with tens of countless numbers of followers. Not many men and women would comply with the social media account of a teach, but cats are a unique story. This offers an possibility for brand engagement as properly as a platform for announcements.

Any battling enterprise needs to question 1 critical problem: What is the cat you can pull out of your hat to make it triumph?

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