How This YouTuber Amassed 328k Followers In Less Than A Year | by Willda Atienza | Jul, 2020

How This YouTuber Amassed 328k Followers In Less Than A Year | by Willda Atienza | Jul, 2020

Kelly Stamps is proof that you really do not want to have the “latest and greatest” devices or lights to realize a significant pursuing.

If you are making high-quality information, the followers will come with or with no a ring light.

“So I take care of YouTube type-of like it is a aspect-time position and that is how you turn out to be profitable at it. Even when it is not building you funds you just gotta stay on leading of it. Be regular.” — Kelly Stamps

When lots of other creators enter YouTube hoping to turn into a good results, Kelly Stamps from the commence, was normally very intentional in producing her YouTube channel a financially rewarding resource of earnings.

So significantly so, that in a movie about what she does all through her free of charge time, she has shared that she has often kept track of her follower depend.

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Some may possibly imagine this is “too considerably effort” in the early phases of building a YouTube channel. Nevertheless, often when it will come to our endeavors, we’re worried to acquire matters this critically, due to the fact if we fall short at minimum we can convenience ourselves with the considered of, “It’s not like I even tried out.”

“Serious issue = serious effort”

If you are actually really serious about generating YouTube function for you then it can make sense to commit to it as substantially as you would to a aspect-time career. To place items in viewpoint, you have possible experienced employment you’ve completely hated, but you have poured several hours of time, strength, and effort into.

Does not it make feeling that if you believe that that constructing a next on YouTube could adjust your daily life — bonus factors if you actually enjoy the procedure — that you’d at minimum test to give it that identical commitment as you have to past shitty careers, if not a lot more?

Kelly understood what she required from day 1. In her online video, “how I continue being unbothered”, she remembers telling herself in January of 2019:

Alright plainly this operating for other folks obviously is not doing the job out. This likely to college on a spending budget detail is not definitely my jam…The issue is I transformed my way of life. I really dropped the idea that ‘this is the only way’ (a 9–5), and this is what every person else is doing. And rather, I’m doing what I truly feel is excellent for me.

Whether or not you’re doing YouTube for money, fame, or any other motive, the issue is you want to know your why for getting on the platform.

“You simply cannot hit a goal if you do not know what it is.”

— Tony Robbins

From time to time the reason we really don’t get what we want is that we’re not crystal clear about what we want. Kelly Stamps in no way shied absent from the fact that she wished to make much more income on YouTube.

She was in alignment with what she needed and had the boldness to request the universe for this — although backing it up with strategic action of course. With that kind of laser focus and substantial action, it can only lead to fantastic factors.

Quite a few consider that they “don’t have the personality” for success on YouTube.

Frequently it’s simply because of this insecurity that many don’t even check out, or the ones that do, mold them selves into a persona that they assume will do the job on YouTube.

Undertaking the latter can and has labored for a lot of creators, but one particular can only picture the inevitably emotional exhaustion in pretending to be an individual you’re not.

As for Kelly Stamps, 1 of the most distinguishing matters about her is her personality! Ironically adequate hers could not be extra reverse from your common “cookie-cutter” frequently in excess of the top rated YouTube persona.

In fact, she is beloved by her admirer base since of her monotonous, deadpan, and dry feeling of humor!

Amongst the many YouTubers who are hoping to be an individual they are not, Kelly Stamps owns her awkwardness, and has in flip attracted what she calls her “cult” of “Stamp-ede” fans who adore her.

It just goes to demonstrate that you really don’t have to be the loudest on YouTube or act a sure way to make a next. Occasionally just remaining your self is more than ample and what’s improved than owning an audience who likes you for you?

Opposite to her present-day truth of getting countless numbers upon thousands of followers day by day, it wasn’t normally this continual uphill achievement. In her online video where she talks about her journey to her 100k subscriber YouTube award, she shares about a time when she virtually stop YouTube.

There was a place where she didn’t understand why she wasn’t getting adequate views. What frustrated her was when her views took an apparent nose dive. At the time she shares that her articles was scattered and random.

At this stage, numerous aspiring YouTubers finish up accomplishing a person of 3 points. The initially and major group of men and women will of training course give up. Several of which, often “blaming the system” for their deficiency of accomplishment.

The 2nd team of folks will persist making the exact variety of content material, in the hopes that they’ll eventually split as a result of their rut.

“The definition of insanity is undertaking the same point around and about all over again, but anticipating distinct outcomes.”

— Albert Einstein

Kelly Stamps was the 3rd type of YouTuber. She as well made a decision to push on but understood she experienced to begin accomplishing some thing diverse. Right after much trial and error, she sooner or later found her “niche”.

Of course, hard get the job done and persistence are a must. But Kelly Stamps’ journey highlights the importance of becoming self-informed enough to know when what you are carrying out evidently isn’t operating. Being aware of when to improve your tactic is also essential in reaching the benefits you want.

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