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Iberdrola Seeks Innovative Solutions To Decarbonize The Industrial Sector

The combat against weather adjust is one particular of the most important troubles humanity need to encounter in the 21st century and we all have to have to be concerned in the course of action of going towards a decarbonized overall economy that is based on renewable vitality.

The minimal concentrate on of 32% renewable vitality by 2030, set by the European Parliament and the Council in the Renewables Directive, is achievable. Having said that, it will only be feasible in an financial state of affairs with large levels of decarbonization and electrification of the overall economy, as properly as by making use of decarbonized fuels in areas that are hard to electrify.

For this, Iberdrola, as a result of its VC PERSEO and in collaboration with the European Council’s Power4Planet initiative, launches the Industrial Warmth Problem. The Challenge is on the lookout for new progressive options that allow for to automate the structure and drive the integration of electricity efficiency and clear systems. Iberdrola thinks these improvements will decarbonize industrial procedures, the place supplying emission-totally free heat is the biggest problem.

Alternatives to Lower Industrial CO2 Emissions & Boost Electricity Performance

The Iberdrola team has often been 20 yrs in advance of the current strength changeover. Today, the group features an unparalleled 75-billion-euro investment decision plan up right up until 2025 to manage its position at the forefront of the electrical power revolution. Iberdrola will help the world’s primary economies by consolidating its company product based on additional renewable energy, much more grids, much more storage, and additional good answers for buyers.

Transforming the electricity strength provide is elementary to decarbonization. Via renewable electrical power, rising providers develop sustainable and effective electrical power frameworks. Nevertheless, the substantial reliance on fossil fuels in sectors like electric power, transportation, construction, and sector make them tough-to-abate sectors.

Iberdrola is searching to help these industries on their vitality changeover journey. By supporting and investing in ad-hoc options for factories that improve electrical power performance whilst also lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Iberdrola assists emissions-major industries make a feasible transition toward decarbonization and electricity efficiency.

For example, industrial heat added benefits from bigger use of electricity for the very low and medium temperature procedures, via the application of heat pumps, in blend with energy performance actions. On the other hand, high-temperature processes intention at electrification put together with fuel-switching to diminish related emissions.

Are you prepared to sign up for the Obstacle?

Iberdrola’s new problem seeks aggressive and impressive methods that enable them to automate the layout and integration of vitality performance advancements to increase decarbonization initiatives of industrial processes. Some examples of the sought after solutions incorporate:

  • Automation of task layout for decarbonization of industrial procedures applying software program tools
  • Hybridization of thoroughly clean technologies, for instance:
    • Heat pumps
    • Electrical furnaces
    • Electrical power effectiveness steps
    • Inexperienced hydrogen
    • Self-consumption by distributed renewable strength
  • Electrical power Consumption & Price savings Simulations
  • Challenge finance calculations primarily based on job CAPEX and OPEX inputs:
    • Investment decision Rate of Return (IRR)
    • Internet Existing Price (NPV)
    • Payback Periods (PB)

In addition, Iberdrola is wanting for remedies that are:

  • Scalable
  • Replicable
  • Easy to put into action
  • Can be built-in into industrial vegetation for advert-hoc benefits

What Your Business Gets out of the Challenge

The chosen job will be developed in collaboration with the technological specialists from the Iberdrola Industrial Heating and Cooling crew.

The prize will consist of signing a collaboration and test settlement with Iberdrola, who will believe the prices and present the winner with the essential specialized support, offering access to infrastructures and real information to check the remedy.

If the PoC is satisfactory, Iberdrola may perhaps present the winner the chance to scale up their option by usually means of industrial agreements. In addition, PERSEO may well take into consideration investing in your solution.

How to be a part of the Industrial Warmth Obstacle

  • 10.02.2021 – Community Launch of the Iberdrola Industrial Heat Obstacle
  • 07.03.2021 – Application Deadline
  • March – April 2021 – Analysis of all proposals

Don’t miss out on out on the distinctive possibility to collaborate with a world wide renewables chief & use for the Iberdrola Industrial Warmth Challenge nowadays!




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