Is Blogmutt A Scam

Is Blogmutt A Scam? A Full Review And Warning Signs Exposed

Do you love writing and have the finesses for making top-notch articles? If so, you’ve probably stumbled upon Blogmutt and wondered if this is a good place to make money online. And even if you’re a business owner or a website owner who’d rather pay someone else to make some content, you’d probably be interested in this platform is legit or just another pesky scam. 

Whether you’re someone who’s looking to monetize your writing skills or a person who wants to hire well-experienced writers, knowing the pros and cons of Blogmutt from this review will help you decide if you should give it a try. 

What We’ll Cover In This Review:

Blogmutt Review At A Glance

Is Blogmutt A Scam

Product Name: Blogmutt

Product Description: Content Provider Platform


Blogmutt can look like the perfect solution to anyone’s content needs. Platforms like it can help many websites and blog owners dispense heavy workloads. On the other hand, if you’re a content writer this can be a great way to make money online while staying at home.

The website claims to have the best freelancers to do the job and if you feel you fit the shoe, you might just want to give this a try. But the sad part is,  most people can’t get in and those who do have some thorns I’d like you to know about.

Overall, even if I say this is a legit platform, I don’t think it will be great as your main income stream.

  • Transparency – 10%
  • Value For Time – 10%
  • Success Rate – 10%


  • You can choose what topics to write
  • There’s higher income potential when you’ve written many approved articles


  • You can’t communicate with your clients
  • Complaints on customer service
  • You won’t get credit for the articles
  • Your account can get terminated without them telling you why

Wanna Make Money Online?

What Is Blogmutt?

Blogmutt is a content writing company owned by Scott Yates and Wade Green. They founded in in 2011 and 7 years later relaunched it as major content authority now branded as Verblio. When you head to the website, you’ll see Verblio in the logo so don’t get confused, they’re the same thing. 

With the rebrand, Blogmutt now offers not just written content, but also multimedia content. They still maintain having high standards for their written articles though.  Over time, they’ve won 4 Mercury 100 awards from Bizwest.

Impressed? If these facts strengthened your confidence in Blogmutt as a legit platform, that’s understandable because I’d also feel the same way. But if you think you can just head on to the website and apply to be a writer, you should know this part.

Part of the first few things required in applying are:

  • Being a US Citizen
  • At least 18 years old
  • Has a US Social Security Number

If you don’t fit these, I’m sorry but you’re out of the game. 

Not just that:

Blogmutt just hires 5% of the people who’ll apply. When you do get accepted, you’ll be put on the waiting list while waiting to match demand.

There are two sides of the coin with this:

Newbies can’t get hired here which is frustrating if you want to kickstart your online money-making journey. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced writer, this is a good place to be because you’ll have less competition to think about. 

If you’re a business or website owner this can tell you they’ve filtered their manpower enough to give you the best people to do the job. 

How Does Blogmutt Work?

How Blogmutt Works

Basically, if you’re a writer, you get paid by clients to produce an article they’ll need. You’ll need to pass the basic requirements and they might also need to ask for your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to prove you’re really a US resident. 

There’s also a writing test you’ll have to take to assess your writing skills and techniques. 

After passing all these (which mind you is not easy) you can then start looking for articles you want to write about. 

After finding the client and article you want to work with, you have to make sure you’ll follow his instructions thoroughly. 

Why? Because finishing the article alone won’t mean you’ll get paid. You first have to submit it for review. 

Here’s the kicker:

Your article will be put in a queue together with other writers’ articles. You have to be the best or one of the best so the client will choose your article, that’s the only way you’ll get paid. 

I’m kind of irked with how the process goes. While the process will be good for clients, I can’t say the same for writers. It’s like you’ll be in a constant struggle to give your best shot in what you do without really getting any assurance your effort will pay off. 

You can work your fingers to the bone but if the client won’t approve it, you won’t make money. Anyway, you can reuse the article and submit to other clients needing an article on the same topic. 

But if there’s no other client asking for that topic, that can mean a wasted article. If it does get accepted, you’ll still have to deal with revisions. 

On the upside, Blogmutt allows writers to ask client feedbacks so they can improve their articles.

Here’s how you’ll get paid when on queue:

If someone else’s article gets approved too and they’re ahead of you in the list, you’ll only be paid on the week your article will be published.

Let’s say 3 articles are approved ahead of you at the start of July, even if your article gets approved on the first week, you won’t receive your payment until the last week of July. They’ll pay using Paypal. 

Here’s an idea of the pay you can get:

  • $8 for 250 words
  • $19 for 600 words (Level 4 writers and up)
  • $40 for 900 words (Level 5 writers and up)
  • $72 for 1200 words (Level 7 writers and up)

You might ask: how can I raise my level? Well, articles written have corresponding points. If it’s an approved article, you’ll get 20 points. If not, you’ll still get 2 points. 

The more articles get approved, the better chances to rank. 

Here’s a rundown of how many points are needed for you to qualify for a higher level:

  • Level 1 – 12 points
  • Level 2 – 50 points
  • Level 3 – 250 points
  • Level 4 – 750 points
  • Level 5 – 1,500 points
  • Level 6 – 3,500 points
  • Level 7 – 5,000 points
  • Level 8 – 10,000 points
  • Level 9 – 20 – Additional 10,000 points each from the previous level

Yikes! It can take some time. That’s an awful lot of articles to write and get approved. 

Pros Of Blogmutt

  • You can choose what topics to write
  • There’s a potential of higher pay with more articles you write

Cons Of Blogmutt

  • You can’t communicate with your clients so there’s o=no chance of establishing long-term relationships
  • Some writers complain about customer service
  • You won’t get credit for the articles you’ll write so you can use it in portfolios
  • Your account can get terminated without them telling you why
Blogmutt Terms

I’d like to talk more about the last part. 

The moment your account gets terminated, any right to use the site will end. Any payment obligation for pending articles will also not be paid. A total slaughter, right?!

The insane part is, it can happen anytime. Your account will get canceled without them being obliged to give you the reasons why. 

So, if you have a lot of approved pending articles it’s going be a sheer ludicrous loss! Part of their terms of service says “reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to and use of the Site and Services, at any time, without notice, for any reason…”

Basically, this says you can’t do anything and you can’t sue them for doing it. 

I hope they show some empathy for writers by making this part clear instead of hiding it behind a lot of legal text. 

Is Blogmutt A Scam?

I don’t think it is. I’d actually like to start a riot over the terminating of accounts without any reason rule but since they own the company, it won’t mean much.

They have a reputable background and a lot of clients already trust them. All is good on the client’s side, but not for all on the writers’ side.

In the spirit of fairness, here’s what others say about Blogmutt:

Blogmutt Positive Glassdoor Review

And to say it’s a good way to make money online is another story. Here’s a negative review:

Blogmutt Negative Glassdoor Review

Blogmutt Review Closing Thoughts

Personally, I think Blogmutt will only work as a side income. The process seems too long and the risk a bit high.

The platform is only open to a limited set of people and even if you get in you’re going in a constant wrestling match with other writers to win a client. 

If you ever you do get a lot of clients, you’re still on the risk of getting your account terminated for reasons they’re not obliged to tell. 

So if you work like crazy for your articles this is going to be a complete bloodbath! I was you, I won’t set all eggs on Blogmutt’s basket. 

Also, Blogmutt works as a middle man between you and the client. This can mean a huge cut in what you can earn. Plus, you can’t establish a long-term relationship with clients to ensure you keep the money flowing. 

If you want other options aside from Blogmutt, you can check out these alternatives. 

Better yet, instead of writing for someone else to make money, you can start a blog and earn an income writing about things you’re interested in. 

It can be a travel blog, a food blog, a gadget blog, or any other topic you’ll love writing about!

If you want to know more about the benefits of starting your own blog, you can check out: 7 Compelling Reasons To Start A Blog And Make Money Online In 2020. 

The bottom line is, yes, you can make money online for writing articles. You can even choose topics you’ll love writing about. The key is finding clients and avoiding unnecessary risks and cutbacks in what you’re supposed to earn. 

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