Is FlexJobs Legit? Is FlexJobs a Scam?

Is FlexJobs Legit? Is FlexJobs a Scam?

Do you want to use FlexJobs to find remote work but you want to know if they are legit?

Are you trying to learn more information about FlexJobs?

If you are looking for a remote job, if you want to work from home, or start a work-at-home career, this Flexjobs review will be very helpful.

Relax, I will tell you more about FlexJobs, how it works, and if it is legit or a scam.

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Let’s begin this FlexJobs review;

1. What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a job site that helps you find remote work. FlexJobs is a low cost subscription service that finds you various remote jobs. 

FlexJobs says: “Work is changing. “The office” is being replaced by kitchen counters, home studies, nooks, and corners.

Remote and work from home jobs are the new normal. And if you want a job that works with this new normal, we’re here for you.

As the #1 job site to find remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities since 2007, we’ve helped millions in their job search. Let us help you too!”

The work from home world is getting bigger every day. In a work from home job, you never have to worry about losing your job because you are your own boss.

FlexJobs helps you find work from home jobs that are legit and right for you. 


2. How does FlexJobs work?

FlexJobs works by partnering you up with various work from home companies who post jobs.

FlexJobs’s team of researchers look through the jobs to find open flexible positions.

After they have researched this job, they screen the job further and apply to make sure that it is legit.

When it is legit, they post it to their site for subscribers to apply.


3. What kinds of jobs can you find on FlexJobs?

You can find many jobs on FlexJobs. FlexJobs posts bookkeeping jobs, education jobs, data entry jobs, customer service jobs, and insurance jobs.

Each of their job listings contains the remote work level, date posted, job schedule, if travel is needed, and education level. 


4. Why use FlexJobs?

You should use FlexJobs if you want to find legit work from home jobs.

FlexJobs posts work from home jobs for anyone and everyone to use. 

FlexJobs says:

All types of people–in all kinds of industries and at all career levels–use FlexJobs to help give them an edge in their job search!

With over 50 career categories and jobs in the US and worldwide, we do offer something for almost everyone.

FlexJobs is perfect for:

  • Helping you achieve work-life balance
  • Cutting your commute
  • Those with parenting and caretaking responsibilities
  • Becoming location-independent
  • Gaining access to jobs outside of your locale
  • Finding supplemental income
  • Introverts”

You should use FlexJobs because it is a reliable source of jobs for everyone that wants to work from home. 


5. How did FlexJobs start?

FlexJobs started in  2007 when the creator Sara Sutton wanted to create a resource where people can find legitimate work from home jobs.

Sara Sutton was looking for flexible work from home jobs after she had started her family.

She was greeted by scams,  ads, and job boards that were not legitimate and she realized that many other people encountered the same problem.

She took matters into her own hands and created a solution: a site where professional remote jobs were available that were not scams. 


6. What are the pros of FlexJobs?

The pros of FlexJobs:

1. Amazing sorting options: FlexJobs allows you to specify the criteria that you are searching for. It allows you to search for specific career levels, locations, schedules, and more. 

2. Every job is checked numerous times: FlexJobs’ team of experts makes sure to screen and research every job before it is posted. 

3. Money-back: If you purchase a FlexJobs subscription and you are not satisfied within 30 days, they will refund you the money you spent. 

4. Variety of Jobs: FlexJobs has over 50 job categories. They have an extensive range of jobs from entry-level to executive. 

5. No ads: When you are on FlexJobs work from home site you will not be greeted by distracting ads.



7. What are the cons of FlexJobs?

The cons of FlexJobs: 

1. Jobs are not exclusive: Jobs found on FlexJobs are not exclusive to members. They can be found on the internet or other work from home sites. 

2. Fee: FlexJobs requires a fee for its services. 

3. They don’t always post salaries: FLexJobs does not always have access to the job salaries so you won’t know how much you are getting paid until you apply and go through with the interview process. 

4. For some jobs, work from home is an option: Not all of their jobs are 100% work from home, and work from home may just be an option and not a guarantee. 


8. How much does FlexJobs cost?

FlexJobs costs $14.95 every month, $29.95 every three months, and $49.95 every year.

It is a similar price to a Netflix subscription. 


9. Is FlexJobs worth paying for?

FlexJobs is worth paying for. It provides the best resources and the best work from home jobs.

If you take advantage of those resources and apply to different work from home jobs, you will be bound to get flexible work from home jobs that you like. 

As Millenial Money Man said: 

“Think of it like a gym membership: just joining the gym won’t instantly help you to lose weight or build muscle, but taking full advantage of their workout equipment and making it a priority to get there definitely can.

There are good work-from-home jobs out there, but you have to do your part to find them. And if you’re willing to invest a little of your own cash, FlexJobs can do some of that work for you.”

If you are willing to invest your time and money, the benefits of FlexJobs will be great. 


10. Is FlexJobs Legit?

FlexJobs is very legit. FlexJobs is a reliable job site just like other job sites.

The difference is that FlexJobs focuses on remote flexible jobs instead of the traditional 9-5 jobs.

The essential thing you are paying for on FlexJobs are legitimate work from home jobs and FlexJobs delivers that.

FlexJobs is not guaranteed to help you find a job, but it makes it much easier and less hassle to find work from home jobs.

FlexJobs is legit and it is proven with their very happy customers who have found the best work from home jobs. 


11. What are the Reviews about FlexJobs?

FlexJobs has so many reviews from happy moms and dads.

FlexJobs has thousands of happy customers.

See below from FlexJobs website:

“Keep up the great work! After a devastating car accident, I needed to work only from home.

I am thankful for the daily job search referrals from FlexJobs.

Being on unemployment is not ideal, but I felt new hope every morning when my referral list was already waiting for me in my email.

Thank you, FlexJobs.  

Doreen F, Puyallup, WA
Hired at World Travel Holdings as Virtual Travel Consultant
Work Flexibility: Remote”

“You are awesome! Arigno was the first company/position that FlexJobs matched me to, and I was invited to interview immediately.

It took several months to work out details, but I started my job as CEO of the Americas on Monday.

I never would have found this position if it weren’t for FlexJobs. Thank you so much, and keep up the excellent work. 

Chrissy M, Kennewick, WA