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When speaking about whether or not a new domain or subdomain would be much better for you, it is crucial that we all comprehend what is remaining discussed. A new domain a distinctly unique site, while a subdomain is listing on a primary domain that operates independently of the most important domain.

Technically, the www in is a subdomain, as is the initially aspect of kingdom, but we are not talking about these types of technicalities in this article. From now on we will be referring to a subdomain in the kind of a directory on your root web page that functions as a individual web-site with all its possess admin and articles files.

For illustration, you can produce a WordPress subdomain by developing a ‘site2’ folder in your web-site root listing and putting in WordPress into that folder with the website2 title. To name it only, you would have to fork out for the web-site2 area name.

Here are 3 case in point URLs for the solutions offered to you:


The top rated example is your major web-site, the second is a subdomain with name ‘example’ and the third is a folder on your main area with the identify ‘example’ – each individual of these 3 possibilities supply execs and cons in accordance to how you want to use them. In this article, we shall go over the execs and cons of the prime 2: new area or subdomain?

Which is Finest: New Domain or Subdomain?

When deciding in between a new domain and subdomain, you will commonly be in a single of two conditions. It is essential to outline these, for the reason that each individual is distinctive and could have a various option. The scenarios are:

  • A. You have a brand title or specific match domain title this sort of as and want to prolong the range of products and solutions or products and services you are internet marketing by advertising each individual on its have internet site. In this sort of a situation, a most important domain may possibly have been a much better choice (feel about it) – which is why you should always glimpse forward when selecting a product-oriented area title.
  • B. You have a precise area identify that is making money, and want to start advertising other goods not linked to your primary web site.
  • C. You have a generic area title this sort of as and want to use that to market a number of items or providers.

Solution A: Current Branding You Want to Keep

Let’s glance at every of these in transform, starting with possibility A: You have a manufacturer identify and want to use that to increase or increase the range of items you are marketing and advertising. Should you do so by working with subdomains on your main domain or developing several minisites for each and every products?

You could have a sporting activities web site – – that is focusing on sports activities attire or apparel. You are carrying out well and want to increase that to industry sports activities products, or even to offer clothing and machines in a vary of distinctive athletics.

Because your web-site or brand name identify is doing well, you would be silly to lose that manufacturer recognition by building a different area identify for each individual activity. Examples may be nickgolf, nicktennis and so on. No person is going to guess these area names. At the time the ‘Nick’ manufacturer grew to become as well-known as, say, Nike, men and women may well search for out nickgolf, but not nonetheless.

Subdomains Aid Brand Recognition

Make use of the model recognition you have. This is most effective realized by using subdomains. Established up a subdomain for every unique activity, and then you can use folders for each individual subsection of that activity. Let us just take the instance of golfing. Your subdomain URL would be with identical subdomains for other sports. You could outline the site of numerous elements of just about every activity with folders, these kinds of as

You not only get the reward of a incredibly reasonable URL construction that retains your branding, but also the potential to create subdomains and folders to go over just about each and every sport and different part of that activity in a way that your guests can fully grasp and continue to retain the branding that attracted these site visitors in the very first spot!

You can extend this example to fit your personal manufacturer. If you by now have a perfectly-recognised site, website or model, then subdomains is the way to go if you are extending your array of items or solutions though remaining at minimum loosely related with the solutions for which you are finest known.

Possibility B: Certain Domain Title

In this case in point you nonetheless have the area but have decided to enterprise into the realm of toys and children’s merchandise. You can simply and cheaply generate a subdomain! Appears to be like good, but what visitor to your athletics site is likely to be on the lookout for Lego? And what human being wanting for Lego is likely to take a look at Nicksports to uncover it?

This is a situation exactly where you would be greatest to obtain a new area title and set up a new web page. Your two goods are not linked in any way, other than if some athletics fanatic was on the lookout to establish Lego figures of his favorite athletics stars or stadium. You really don’t get lots of of these people, so a new area title is the greater of the two alternatives.

Option C: A Generic Area Name

This is the Amazon example. If you have a generic area identify and are performing very well with it, then it could possibly make feeling to keep it. It is your model, even if it simply cannot be connected to a specific variety of solution this sort of as You could start off by applying a subdomain to advertise your initial ‘off-topic’ products and see how you get on. Ultimately, your site could be branded as ‘provide-all’ domain just as Amazon is.

You could acquire new area names for just about every kind of solution. At first, this might be greater for you, but it would also be extra high-priced. The advantage of using a subdomain is that you can clarify what you are executing on the Homepage of your major domain. In the beginning, you could also give a catalog of your solutions hyperlinked to the acceptable subdomain. Your readers will then know what to glance for.

Guess What!! That’s how Amazon does it! And just like Amazon, your people would click to your major domain initial right before seeking for the ideal subdomain. So why not just use folders, and your visitors could simply click to these? Search engines, that’s why.

Search engine optimisation Gains of Subdomains

You would feel that for Search engine optimisation, it would be very best for you to generate new domains if you want to enhance each individual site on your web-site for highest rankings. “It ain’t essentially so,” to estimate George Gershwin! By applying subdomains, you get:

  • Branding and market authority are taken care of.
  • You can a lot more very easily backlink in between your different subdomains.
  • Each subdomain will inherit section of the authority and have confidence in of the major area.
  • You do not have begin all in excess of all over again with Website positioning as would have to with particular person web-sites.
  • It easier to deal with a site with a person major domain and various subdomains than just one with many various domain names that could have to be interconnected if you want them all related with your model.

What are the pros and drawbacks involving utilizing a new domain or subdomain when extending the scope of a model or product or service range? Functionally, there is no variation. It will make no variance to a customer if they click on on or – in point mainly, they will be clicking on ‘newproduct’ as anchor textual content somewhat than the naked URL. This in spite of Google’s warning to reduce anchor text and swap a lot of it with naked URLs.


Professionals for Subdomains

  • Subdomains enable you to endorse a wide range of solutions working with one area identify. You conserve on domain name registration.
  • You can retain your branding although offering a selection of goods (examples: Amazon, ASDA, Target.)
  • For Seo and inner linking method, subdomains are regarded by Google as internal hyperlinks. So all subdomains are very likely to be crawled when the key area is frequented by Googlebot. You have no have to have to post independent sitemaps for each individual subdomain.
  • You may possibly get more inbound links to 1 domain fairly than individual back links to different domains.
  • You have much less get the job done to do: it is a lot easier to deal with a site with several subdomains than quite a few separate domains.

Drawbacks for Subdomains

  • You branding is diluted by associating it with a assortment of unconnected goods. In contrast to Amazon or ASDA your most important web-site may possibly be included in weight decline, and you want to offer golf balls.
  • The URL could show up very long, based on the length of the most important domain identify and that of the subdomain.
  • They could not be regarded as ‘proper’ websites in the eyes of Google customers – though Google rankings are whole of subdomains and interior internet pages and blog site posts relatively than Household web pages.

New Domain or Subdomain – Conclusions

So what’s the conclusion? We suggest you go with the remark of Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam main. Matt implies that you use subdomains when you want to ‘separate unique content’ – which means our A and C selections higher than. Subdomains can deliver an complete most important area with ranking price for the reason that they target the disparate topics of a web site into tighter controlled regions relatively than existing a site with also significantly disparate material that could confuse Google’s people.

There are many cases exactly where unique domains would be improved, but in standard, subdomains are most well-liked where by every subdomain is associated to the subject or general principle of the main area. If they are not, then use folders until eventually you are able to order ideal new area names. Subdomains are regarded in the same way as any other web website page with relation to SERPs, but they obtain the weighting of the authority of the main area.

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