Monster Mode 700k Review

Why It’s A Waste Of Money

Monster Mode 700k appears to have made 5 massively huge income sources packaged into 1. It even says making money from this funnel is “ridiculously simple, you won’t require a drop of experience”. 

It got me interested because I usually hear this kind of gimmick from scammy online schemes. I figured this review can help prove or disprove any of the claims Monster Mode 700k makes. 

I mean think about it, plump commission claims in a matter of a few minutes have become a commonplace. Although part of your logic tells you it’s too good to be true, hoping this is something different will cause you to disregard your doubts. 

So today, I’m going to tell you what it really is, how it works, if it’s a scam, why you won’t make money from it, and cap it off with a better alternative.  

What We’ll Cover In This Review:

What Is Monster Mode 700k?

Monster Mode 700k is another WarriorPlus product by Bryan Winters. It’s a funnel-based income system claiming to make at least $500 per day. It integrates 5 other systems made by Bryan into one where you’ll earn a commission from the sales of any of the 5 systems. 

The sales video presents the system as “ingeniously simple but packed with ferocious income punch” and “making you tons of cash without lifting a finger because all the work is already done, and other people are sending him sales and commission on cruise control”. 

Sounds like the usual get-rich-quick scheme doesn’t it?

It also tries to win you over by saying it’s a “groundbreaking funnel-based system that churns out daily $954 a pop” from multiple “viral tiers”. 

One of the most shameless pitches they have is saying, “you owe it to yourself to take action”. 

In reality, everything they ever said is only a trick to entice the inexperienced into handing over their money, only to be disappointed later on they’re no closer to earning even a single cent. 

Just take this video for example: 

He’s was supposed to give Monster Mode 700k a good review but when he said “I can guarantee you, I will make commissions” all hopes shatter into pieces. 


Because it just shows he’s blindly confident about something that DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN FOR HIM YET.  

Even faith requires proof you know. 

How Much Does Monster Mode 700k Cost?

Monster Mode 700k’s front-end package is priced at $18.95. There is also an additional cost of $335 for the upsells and $99.97 for system plugins.

Monster Mode 700k Purchase Order

I don’t think you will bother paying an extra $1.85 but paying $335 for upsells is a completely different story. What’s more annoying is paying another $99.97 for all the 5 programs you’re supposedly going to earn from. (This is if you got the Lite Version)

I’ll tell you about the upsells now and the 5 plugin systems in the next section. 

Upsell 1: Autopilot Traffic Pool ($67)

This upgrade is said to get you “true autopilot traffic” by sending every 5th visitor in a traffic pool where traffic is rotated on all paying members. 

A lot like Autopilot Commission Rotator, Stuff My Inbox’s 1st upsell. This traffic will only be useful if you have a compelling campaign in place to draw people to convert, unless you know how to do it, this upsell will be useless. 

Upsell 2: Push Button Leads ($37)

This upsell unlocks 10 squeeze pages to build an email list for you. Unless you have email marketing skills, this won’t do any good too.

How will you pitch your product? How will you drive others to buy?

Also, you’ll only be limited to pitching Monster Mode and the 5 other plugin systems. If a lead is uninterested with your first pitch, he will likely reject your succeeding pitches too because all these systems almost work the same. 

Upsell 3: 1 Click Monthly Commissions ($67)

We’re told this is a “secret” upgrade built into the funnels. This adds around $23 to existing commission. Sadly, by not explaining what it really is and how it works, this upsell is just a castle in the air. 

Upsell 4: Backend Commission Stuffer ($67)

This upsell claims to unlocks $300-$400 more sales by integrating an auto webinar in the back office. 

Monster Mode didn’t explain if you make money from the webinar itself or from what you learn in the webinar. Still, whatever the case it’s still unlikely to add 100s to your income which to this point you still don’t have. 

Upsell 5: 5X Commission Booster ($97)

You can only get a 100% commission on the 1st plugin system. But through this upgrade, you can get 100% on all 5. 

That is IF you ever get to sell any of the plugin systems if you’re not, you’re like throwing money off a cliff. 

How Monster Mode 700k Works

You will earn commissions with Monster Mode 700k when a visitor buys any of the 5 plugin systems using your funnels.

These plugin systems are also Bryan’s products:

There are 2 versions of Monster Mode 700k. 

The PRO version is where you pay for the front-end system and unlock the plugin systems you can earn from by getting more referrals. 

The LITE version is where the front-end system is free but you have to unlock the plugin systems for $20 each, except for IG Money Tree which is $0.03 less. 

Monster Mode 700k Dashboard

Once the plugins are activated, pre-set funnels are generated so you can earn commissions from people buying the systems. Unless traffic is converted to paying referrals, you won’t make money. 

This can be a problem if you have no traffic source. No traffic means no people checking out your funnel. 

The funny thing is:

The guy on the video earlier said Bryan “obliterates the traffic problem in a uniquely dynamic way”. He has a “secret traffic method” put in place. 

My guess is, it’s secret for a reason because they don’t know about it at all which basically translates to they don’t really have a secret traffic method. 

This can also mean, the 1st and 2nd upsell you paid for will be for nothing. How can you capture email addresses when no one is visiting your website?

Can You Make Money With Monster Mode 700k?

To drive the whole point of why this is a waste of money, I’ll let the Earning Disclaimer talk:

Monster Mode 700k Earning Disclaimer

You see?  The owner is essentially turning his back on all of his income claims! How can you trust an income-system whose owner doesn’t have confidence in it too?

Here’s what I think:

The 5 plugin systems probably had little to no conversions. So to give it a fresh start, Monster Mode 700k was made to package everything into 1 thinking people will see it as a superbly amazing deal they shouldn’t pass on. 

Here’s my obvious suggestion:

Ignore it. Completely. Don’t even dare to look back. 

What I Don’t Like About Monster Mode 700k

1. False Promises And Over-The-Edge Hype

Monster Mode promises as much as 1000s of everyday income by paying for absurdly expensive upsells. You’ll just keep plugging and plugging but nothing will ever play out for you. 

The cheap front end package and every easy-money hullaballoo is just a dodgy maneuver to get you to buy what they really want you to spend on, upsells. 

Monster Mode 700k Fake Income Claims

Remember the Earning Disclaimer? It’s basically saying there’s money for you here.

2. More Spending

Now that you’ve paid for the upsells, you’ll think money is on its way. Think again! 

The Lite version will require you to buy each plugin system to earn while the Pro Version will require you to get lots of referrals for a plugin system to be unlocked. 

By this time, you will have already spend as much as $453.92 but you’re still not making even a cent!

3. Traffic Problems

The secret traffic method hasn’t been proven to exist. Instead of enjoying the “ridiculously simple, you won’t require a drop of experience” income-generating system promised, you’ll be left completely devastated knowing it’s not really what it claims to be. 

Even the best sales funnels in the world are worth diddly squat without traffic. So how are you going to get it? Pay for Facebook ads? Become an email spammer?

In my experience, the best way to get traffic is by building a website that ranks in the search engines to ensure a daily stream of people looking at your content and clicking on your links.

Traffic is THE most important element in growing an online business and yet Monster Mode 700k gives you zero training on it.

Is Monster Mode 700k A Scam?

Monster Mode 700k is a scam. The only thing you get for your money is access to the members’ area and funnels which are unlikely to convert. 

Instead of helping you generate income, Monster Mode 700k squeezes every money you have out of you. The system is not proven and tested; the Earnings Disclaimer can vouch for it. 

This simply means every claim they made was a lie. The claim’s sole purpose is to get into your pockets and nothing more. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

Knowing the truth behind Monster Mode 700k can be disappointing but it doesn’t mean making money online is a lost cause.

You CAN earn 1000s online but you have to invest time and effort. One of the hallmarks of legit online businesses is that it always requires some work on your end. Anything less than that should send alarm bells ringing. 

Easy money is only good in theory, once you discover the whole picture you’ll definitely start running away. 

It’s always better to learn how to generate a full-time income with proven business models like affiliate marketing. 

To put it simply, here’s how it works:

Affiliate Marketing Steps

If this causes you furrowed brows, there’s a way to smoothen those creases. Affiliate marketing comes with training starting from scratch. You can learn everything you’ll ever need to run your own online business. 

Now if scams like Monster Mode frightens you to shed some cash, Wealthy Affiliate offers the 1st 10 lessons for you to test out for free.

To know more why I think this is the best training you should go for to move forward with affiliate marketing, read this full and honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

What’s Your Take?

Did you think the sales video was pure hogwash? Were you surprised by how fake the easy-money claim is? The comments section is ready for some heavy ranting. 

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